Hand Embellishment

Traditional & Heritage

Slow fashion

Fair work

Supply chain tracealibility

Environmental stewardship

What our artisan say

Our Approach

This journey we have undertaken has only just begun, We are creating opportunities to share knowledge with our artisans and empowering them with information and access to textiles that remain intricately linked to our past this legacy should thrive along with state-of-the-art practices which are revolutionizing the textile industry today

We couldn’t have walked this distance without our founding partner HZL, bringing sustainable change to communities by giving female artisans the skills and platform to become financially independent, self-sufficient individual

Creating timeless, eco-friendly pieces through age-old traditional weaving techniques. With a rich cultural history that have lasted centuries, these textiles made to last for generations with dedication and passion for the craftsmanship require

Creating an interwoven story that links our customers to our artisans and to every life in between, by telling their stories and highlighting every step of the production process

From picking the raw material to the end product, we follow environmental stewardship practices, delivering pieces that bring you delight, meaning, intention, and improved quality of life, while also fighting the dark side of the textile industry.

This means protecting our artisans and customers from the widespread, detrimental effects of the fast-fashion textile industry. From our meticulously monitored work environments for artisans to environmentally responsible processes and materials, we’re giving your family the gift of carefully and responsibly made heirlooms.

Drivers of Change

At “UPAYa™” we use “fashion as an agent of social change” to turn challenges into opportunities. Every purchase empowers women artisans to overcome socioeconomic barriers and live safer healthier lives. Sakhi initiative is a unique platform that provides women artisans with the skills and platform to become financially independent funded by Hindustan Zinc Ltd. and carried out by Manjari Foundation.

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